What's in a name? For me everything. I grew up the son of an Army Ranger and a creole voodoo preistess. At least, thats what my father called my mom behind her back. To my dad, guns were life and he raised me the same. I learned how to dissasemble and clean a Marlin 30-30 when other kids were playing with GI Joe's. My dad WAS GI Joe, and he would nurture my love of firearms until I was old enough to legally buy my first gun.

Guns were life to my dad, but to me, they were more. Guns were more than "guns". They were art. I appreciated every angle, every roll mark and every detail of the firearm. They were an escape. I remember getting the new Guns and Ammo and becoming lost in the pages. They were my future. I always knew what I wanted to do with my life, and Law Enforcement would allow me to hone my guncraft. It was during my LE career that a co-worker coined my nickname..."Yo, Black Mamba"! The rest they say, is history.

So, what's in a name? The Black Mamba Rifle Co is not just some gun company, it's me. It's my name is on every product and with it my values, history, blood, sweat and tears. I stand behind the products that you stand behind to protect you, your loved ones and everything else you hold dear.

The Team

KEVIN PAIGE   Art Director

You ever wonder why water is wet, so does Kevin. The difference is, Kevin wonders in water colors.

EDDIE GUNKS   Master Gunsmith

If you ask Eddie, he would describe himself as funny. If you ask others they would say he's funny looking. Regardless of his poor clothing choices and bathing habits he is by far the best gunsmith around.

"HENNESSY"   Engineer

He likens himself to a younger more in shape Black Mamba. He's responsible for making the metal magic happen!

You have enemies? Good.

That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.

Winston Churchill


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